International Conference on Materials Physics and Materials Science

It's not a research discovery, solely a way of organizing research priorities and planning R&D. But the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) is remarkable. It sets out goals for innovation, technology needs, and measures for progress that all can sign up to in the fiercely competitive microelectronics industry.

A mixture of science, technology, and economics, it's hard to see how the ITRS could do better in driving forward advances in this area, whether it's in materials, characterization, fabrication, or device design. And it is an appropriate first choice in this list.


Not only is electronics absolutely critical to our modern world, progress in semiconductor processing and advances in materials science have gone hand-in-hand for the last 50 years.

International technology roadmap for semiconductorsEmerging Smart MaterialsAugust 27-29, 2018, London, UK.


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