Advancements in diagnosing and treating Sinus Surgery

The ENT physicians can treat chronic nasal and sinus conditions which include nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, and chronic nasal obstruction. Chronic allergies, nasal septal deviation, turbinate hypertrophy, dysfunction of the nasal valve results in Chronic nasal obstruction.

To improve the accuracy and safety of complicated sinus and nasal surgery advanced technology has been developed. The image-guided sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty have highly enhanced patient safety, the accuracy of sinus and nasal procedures and recovery. To relieve nasal obstruction often performed procedures are turbinate reduction and septoplasty.   

The Image-guided technology uses 3D CT scan images to navigate the nasal sinus safely and accurately during surgery and correlate it in real time with the patient’s anatomy using CT scan images. This technology improves the safety and accuracy of endoscopic sinus procedures compared to the traditional techniques.


Balloon Sinuplasty is a catheter-based technology used to treat chronic sinusitis and sinus obstruction conditions. This technique uses a small, flexible, sinus balloon catheter to restore the flow of mucous and sinus drainage and to open sinus passageways.

So, whether it’s advanced image guidance endoscopic sinus surgery to treat nasal polyps or chronic sinusitis, or balloon sinuplasty to correct sinus obstruction count on the physicians at ENT and Allergy Specialists or septoplasty, turbinate reduction and nasal valve surgery to treat nasal obstruction or to correct these conditions and help you start breathing and feeling better today!

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